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Employment- and Labour Law Specialists

Our Legacy

We strive to achieve results that exceed expectations through Our Commitment to Our Clients Adding maximum value to their business.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide excellent service to our clients. Our credo in serving our clients is “Excellence and Integrity Above All Else”. Our goal is to help our clients understand their rights, to empower them to protect their interests, and to advocate on their behalf.


We offer a comprehensive employment-and labour law as well as other legal services under one umbrella. 

Our services are provided to clients on an ad hoc basis or on a monthly retainer fee basis.

We provide services to all employers in various sectors for example, the Private Security Sector, Farming Sector, Wholesale & Retail Sector, Hospitality Sector, etc.


To be the most valued and sought-after employment-and labour law consultancy firm in South Africa and be recognized nationally for unmatched expertise in employment-and labour law.

Legal Solutions